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20 Quick Tips For A Healthier Home

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This issue of News For A Healthier You brings you simple tips for a healthier home:
  1. 5 Quick Tips To Reduce Chemical Exposure
  2. 5 Quick Tips To Reduce Airborne Particles
  3. 5 Quick Tips To Manage Mold
  4. 5 Quick Tips To Control Cockroaches
  5. December's Specials - Save 15% On Products To Help Keep You & Your Home Healthier - Only For Newsletter Subscribers
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20 Quick Tips For A Healthier Home

Take a quick glance through these quick tips. It's easy to make your home healthier one step at a time. Remember, making healthy is an ongoing process.

5 Quick Tips To Reduce Chemical Exposure
  1. Choose personal care products that are free of added fragrance and dye or have natural additives.
  2. Avoid chlorine bleach, and read labels to choose cleaning products with the least chemicals. Follow the manufacturer's directions regarding ventilation during use.
  3. Only buy the amount of cleaning supplies, paints, and automotive products that you will use in a short amount of time because many of these products emit harmful gases even while being stored.
  4. Minimize dry cleaning and make sure the clothing is completely dry and the odor is not excessive before bringing it home.
  5. Forbid smoking in your home.

5 Quick Tips To Reduce Airborne Particles:Dust often to help reduce airborne particles in your home.
  1. Dust often to reduce dust build-up. When possible, get rid of dust catchers such as dust ruffles, curtains, knick knacks, and carpet.
  2. Vacuum often with a HEPA vacuum that prevents dust from re-entering the air through the exhaust.
  3. Replace furnace filters regularly. For best filtration, use a pleated, high efficiency filter.
  4. Consider a HEPA air cleaner or filters for your HVAC vents.
  5. Keep doors and windows closed, especially during fall and spring pollen seasons.

5 Quick Tips To Manage Mold:
  1. Look for leaks around pipes in the attic and basement and take immediate steps to seal a leak if found.
  2. Keep humidity at around 45%. In hot months, dehumidifiers can be necessary especially in basements or areas with naturally high humidity. In cold months, condensation on cold walls, windows, and pipes encourages mold growth. Use a humidity monitor to help you maintain the proper level.
  3. Use ventilation fans in bathrooms to take humidity out of the room.
  4. Throw out moldy or mildewed articles such as books, toys, and shoes that are difficult to clean.
  5. Watch for mold in trouble spots like tubs and clean promptly to prevent spread of mold.

  6. Watch for mold in common trouble spots like under sinks, around tubs, in refrigerator drip pans, on window sills in winter - and remove mold promptly to prevent the spread of mold spores and more growth.

5 Quick Tips To Control Cockroaches:
  1. Do not allow cardboard boxes and paper bags to accumulate. Get rid of cardboard storage boxes.
  2. Stack firewood well away from your home. Keep leaves and debris away from your home.
  3. Block all areas where roaches could enter the home, including crevices, wall cracks and windows.
  4. Cockroaches need water to survive, so fix and seal all leaky faucets and pipes.
  5. Don't Feed Them!
    • Keep food in lidded containers and put pet food dishes away after your pets are done eating.
    • Vacuum and sweep the floor after meals, and take out garbage and recyclables.
    • Use lidded garbage containers in the kitchen.
    • Wash dishes immediately after use and clean under stoves, refrigerators & toasters where crumbs can accumulate.
    • Wipe off the stove and other kitchen surfaces and cupboards regularly.

Margie Bullock, Newsletter Editor

Closing Thoughts
Small steps can make a big difference. We hope you will share this information with anyone you know who wants to have a healthier home. We actively monitor our Facebook Account and invite you to share your thoughts or questions about any of these tips as we're here to help.

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