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Making Traveling With Allergies Easier & More Enjoyable

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This issue of News For A Healthier You gives tips for traveling with allergies:
  1. Checklist: What To Take With You
  2. Checklist: What To Do Before You Leave Home
  3. Checklist: En Route
  4. Products To Help Make Traveling With Allergies More Enjoyable
  5. June's Specials - 15% Off Everything Plus A Free BedCare Basics Pillow Encasing On Orders Of $49 Or More Only For Newsletter Subscribers
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Making Traveling With Allergies Easier & More Enjoyable

Checklist: What To Take With You
  1. Take Your Doctor's Contact Info And All Prescriptions With YouAll your prescription medications and a few extra days' worth in case you are delayed from returning home on schedule.
  2. Your prescriptions in case you need a refill.
  3. A letter from your doctor on letterhead stating that you need these medications especially in the case of an epi-pen or injectable medications can save you trouble especially when traveling by air.
  4. Your doctor's contact information including an after hours number.
  5. The name of a doctor or clinic at your destination - ask your doctor for a recommendation.
  6. A medical alert bracelet if your allergy could cause you to be unable to communicate or if medical personnel need to know in the case of emergency.
  7. Sunscreen since you may be outdoors more than normal.
  8. OTC medications (preferably ones you have used in the past so you know how you react) such an antihistamine or a cream for sunburn or allergic rash.
  9. If you have food allergies and are leaving the country, take a card printed in the destination language explaining your allergy and the severity of your reaction. You can make your own or they are available to order online at sites such as Allergy Translation or Select Wisely.
  10. If you have food allergies, take your own snacks or foods that may not be readily available that you will want, especially if you are traveling by car and have the luxury of space.
  11. Taking your own pillow? Put a zippered encasing on it to protect it from allergen-contaminated surfaces.
  12. Travel encasings or zippered encasings for your hotel or guest room bed, especially if you have dust mite allergy.
  13. Wipes or a disinfectant (like Vital Oxide travel size) for surfaces in planes, rental cars, trains, and hotels especially if you are getting a room with a kitchen.
  14. A mask to wear in the crowded space of an airplane where germs and allergen abound or wear it outdoors at your destination for pollen protection.
  15. A small air purifier to remove airborne allergens from the air in your car or hotel room.

Checklist: What To Do Before You Leave Home
  1. Ask in advance for what you need on planes or in hotels so you can plan according to what is available.
  2. When making airline reservations, check on policy regarding allergies. Let airlines know about any food allergies. If your needs can't be accommodated, at least you know in advance and have the option to travel with another airline or in another way.
    • Compare the allergy policies of various airlines with this handy chart from Allergic Living magazine.
    • See if the airlines has flights that do not serve whatever you are allergic to like peanuts or tree nuts.
    • See what the airlines rules are about animals in the passenger compartment. Some allow pets or helping dogs. See if there are flights available that do not allow pets.
  3. When making hotel reservations, ask for what you need. There are plenty of hotels and many are very willing to work with you.
    • Ask for an allergy proof "green" room - available in many hotels now, sometimes at a small extra charge. If it helps you keep well to enjoy your vacation, it may be worth the extra.
    • Make sure you are reserving a non-smoking, pet-free room.
    • Check to see if the hotel is doing any renovation. You may want to avoid possible dust and paint odors by staying somewhere else.
    • If you have dust mite allergies and a room with encasings is not available, you can bring your own.
    • Often asking for special treatment when staying with friends or family is the most difficult time to assert yourself, but remember that this is about your health and enjoying your trip.
      • When staying with friends or family, nicely make it clear that you can not sleep with the dog, with the windows open, or in the moldy basement.
      • If you have food allergies, let them know what they are and how severe your reaction could be. Most people want to help if you let them know ahead of time.
      • Ask if they have an air purifier that could be put in your bedroom. It doesn't hurt to ask.
    • Leave a copy of your prescriptions with a neighbor, friend or family member.
    • If you are traveling by car, check your car's a/c filter, vacuum with a handheld HEPA vacuum, and treat carpet and cloth upholstery for dust mite allergen and pet dander.
    • If you are leaving the country, the CDC recommends checking with the American Embassy or Consulate to make sure that your medicines will be allowed into the country you are visiting. Some countries do not let visitors bring certain medicines into the country.
    • Check out destination pollen and mold counts at the National Allergy Bureau.
Checklist: En Route
  1. Keep car windows closed, and use the air conditioning.
  2. Try to avoid rush hours in cities on your route. Outdoor air quality is usually better in the early morning or late evening hours if you are able to travel during that time.
  3. No smoking in your car.
  4. If asthmatic, take a compressor/nebulizer with a car adapter or that works on batteries so you will be able to take treatments at any time.
  5. Avoid flying if you have a sinus or ear infection because the air pressure on the plane can be very painful. If you must fly, Clear-Ease can provide a source of relief for blocked ears associated with air travel by naturally reducing swelling in sinus passages (it's great for scuba diving, too).
  6. If your nasal passages are uncomfortable when you fly due to the very dry air, try spraying your nose about 30 minutes prior to boarding and periodically during the flight to moisten nasal membranes. This will help you breathe through your nose and avoid mouth breathing which can cause excessive loss of moisture.
  7. Drink one glass of water for each hour you are on the plane. Do not drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages because they are diuretics.

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Margie Bullock, Newsletter Editor

Closing Thoughts
When allergies act up and you are sniffling and sneezing, your vacation can be spoiled. Hopefully, some of these tips will keep you feeling well and able to enjoy your travel time to the fullest. Please share your thoughts about our products and our service by posting on our Facebook Page.

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