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What Is MAP?

MAP Stands for Minimum Advertised Price

This is a practice used by some manufacturers to protect the integrity of their product and maintain their good name by not allowing their products to be advertised for prices below a specified amount thus leveling the playing field. All authorized dealers selling the product must adhere to this policy as a part of their dealer agreement and not advertise the product below the minimum or risk losing the right to sell the product. In addition, buyers can lose the ability to take advantage of post sale services or even return the product when purchasing from an unauthorized dealer that is not following MAP policy.

Requiring a minimum advertised price protects the consumer and the seller from disreputable dealers. While MAP means you will not see “price wars” on these products to drive prices down, it also means that you should be able to access the high level of service the manufacturer wants purchasers of their products to receive. When MAP pricing is enforced, the buyer knows the product will retain its value.

Therefore, MAP priced products are excluded from promotions that reduce the price of an item or site-wide promotions that give either a percentage off or a dollar amount off everything. However, many MAP items receive Free Ground Shipping. Click here to see all items that are eligible for Free Ground Shipping.

The Supreme Court has said that utilizing a MAP is legal and does not represent a violation of U.S. antitrust statutes. Dealers with brick and mortar stores are allowed by law to sell products at any price they choose and mark products at any sale price inside the store even below MAP. However, they cannot advertise a price below the MAP price outside the store in circulars or other ads. It is a bit different for a web-based, eCommerce store. Under dealer agreements as they currently read, websites cannot display prices below MAP as that is considered the same as a circular or advertisement to purchase. Although sites have begun using some creative ways to handle this, there is still quite a bit of controversy on this subject and the legality of some practices is unclear.

As it stands currently, products that are under a MAP policy will not be discounted on the National Allergy website. We apologize for any inconvenience, misunderstanding, or disappointment this may cause.

Article Quick Read
  • MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price
  • Products under a MAP policy can not be advertised for prices below a specified amount
  • The Supreme Court has said that utilizing a MAP is legal
  • MAP items are excluded from site-wide percentage off promotions
  • Many MAP priced items are eligible for Free Ground Shipping