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How To Avoid Pollen To Prevent Or Minimize Allergy Symptoms

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This issue of News For A Healthier You explains how to avoid pollen indoors and outdoors to prevent or minimize allergy symptoms:
  1. Pollen - A Seasonal Allergen
  2. Avoiding Pollen Outdoors
  3. Reducing Pollen Indoors
  4. Rinsing Away Pollen In Nasal & Sinus Passages
  5. Get Help To Reduce The Pollen Count Around You
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How To Avoid Pollen To Prevent Or Minimize Allergy Symptoms

Pollen - A Seasonal AllergenAvoiding Pollen Is The Most Effective Way To Prevent Or Minimize Allergy Symptoms
Here in Atlanta, Georgia, everything is covered with a beautiful yellow powdering of pollen, and people are sporting red, watery eyes and sneezing, running noses at this time of year. You have probably heard the weatherman in your area give the pollen count for the day. If the pollen count is 0-14 grains of pollen per cubic meter, the level is low; 15-89 is moderate; 90-1499 is high; and, over 1500 is extremely high. The pollen count in Atlanta in April exceeds 5000 on some days. The pollen count means the number of pollen grains found in a cubic meter of air. A cubic meter is roughly 3 feet by 3 feet by 4 feet. You can check the pollen count in your area daily at the National Allergy Bureau. If you are allergic to pollen, this is a very handy tool to help you gauge when to stay indoors.

As with any allergy, avoiding the allergen causing the symptoms is the best way to prevent the symptoms. This is true with seasonal allergies, sometimes called rhinitis, that occur during the season of the year when certain plants are pollinating. The pollens that depend on air flow for dispersion like trees and grasses are the trouble-makers.

Avoiding Pollen Outdoors
The most effective way to avoid pollen is to stay indoors, especially on peak days because there is not much you can do to control pollen outdoors. I have heard of people cutting down trees close to their houses to keep pollen at a distance. Some people even consider moving to another section of the country to escape pollen. There is really no place to go - you may escape one pollen, but you are sure to encounter one or more others.

Although you can't control pollen outdoors, you can modify some behaviors to help avoid pollen:
  • Monitor pollen levels and plan outdoor excursions when the pollen count is low.
    Hint: Pollen is less prevalent on rainy, cloudy or windless days, and the air is most saturated with pollen on days when it is hot, dry, and windy.
  • Wear a mask outdoors.
  • Don't cut the grass or trim trees and bushes yourself, and don't go outdoors when these jobs are being done.
Reducing Pollen Indoors
Now you know to stay indoors when the pollen count is high, but there is still pollen that has come into your home through open doors and windows and hitchhiking on your pets or your clothing. Here are some tips for pollen avoidance indoors:
  1. Filter indoor air. Use a HEPA room air purifier to capture 99.97% of airborne allergens such as pollen. We recommend running the air cleaner on the high setting 24 hours a day in the bedroom since people generally spend the greatest percentage of their at-home time in the bedroom. You can also capture pollen with the use of allergen reduction furnace filters and filters to cover your HVAC vents.
  2. Remove clothing when you come inside and put it in a closed basket or directly into the laundry room. This will keep pollen from spreading throughout the house and building up.
  3. Do not hang bedding or clothing outdoors to dry or air. Pollen will stick to the fibers and travel right into your home.
  4. Keep windows and doors closed. Obviously pollen will come right in through open doors and windows unless you use a window filter. The fresh air is invigorating, but during pollen season, it is just not worth it.
  5. Wipe pets as they come indoors. Pollen sticks to the fur of your dog or cat and transfers to your carpet, upholstery, and you. Bathe pets often.
  6. Keep car windows closed, too.
  7. Pollen is a component of dust, so frequent dusting during pollen season can reduce the pollen count inside your home.

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Rinsing Away Pollen In Nasal & Sinus Passages
As hard as you try to stay indoors and clean the air indoors, you are going to breathe in some pollen. If you are allergic to pollen, you are going to suffer typical allergy symptoms such as sneezing, sniffling, watery eyes, and runny nose. Pollen produces allergy symptoms in the same way as other allergens. The body thinks the allergen (pollen) is a harmful foreign substance and produce antibodies to fight off the substance. The body also releases histamines that cause mucus production, itchiness and other allergic reaction effects.

Rinsing the nose regularly during pollen season can help prevent or at least minimize this allergic reaction by flushing allergens and other debris from the nose. There are two main methods of irrigation: gravity-based and positive pressure. In both, some sort of salt is added to water for the rinse. You can buy pre-mixed solution, solution packets to mix with water, or mix your own saline solution.

Gravity-based irrigation allows water to flow naturally in one nostril and out the other nostril with the head tilted sideways. This is an ancient method from Indian ayurvedic medicine from which the name "neti" pot is derived. The SinuCleanse Neti Pot is an example of this method.

Positive pressure irrigation gives you more control over the water flow as you apply pressure in some method to send the water up into your nostril and through your sinuses to cleanse away mucous. And research has shown this method to work better. Products such as Breathe-Ease, Nasaline, SinuAir, SaltAire, SinuCleanse Squeeze, ActiveSinus, SinusAloe, and NasalCare fall into this category. Also in the positive pressure category are mechanized methods of irrigation such as the SinuPulse Elite and HydroPulse that send pulsing streams of water into your nose and sinuses in a motion that mimics the natural motion of the cilia. All of these positive pressure devices are effective. Which one you choose is really a matter of personal preference.

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Margie Bullock, Newsletter Editor

Closing Thoughts
Pollen allergy can make spring unbearable. We hope the hints above help you avoid pollen when possible and remove pollen from your environment when necessary. Please share your thoughts about our products and our service by posting on our Facebook Page.

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