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Begin In The Bedroom Sample Kit

Allergists recommend beginning in the bedroom for maximum benefit when allergy proofing your home.
We believe the 6 products in this sample kit are key to managing allergy, asthma, and sinus symptoms.

Regulate Humidity

If you have condensation on your windows causing mold, clean the surface of the window and sill and spray with

(Kit Includes 3-oz. Sample Size)
Take Control Of Dust

Dust your bedroom often because dust contains allergens. Then you can wash the
Dust Grabber repeatedly and re-use.

(Kit Includes One Full Size Dust Grabber)
Laundry Care

Wash away soil & allergens with
Allersearch Allergen Wash in any temperature water. It is recommended to wash bedding at least every two weeks.

(Kit Includes Sample Size For One Wash Load)
Allergen Proof Encasings

Putting your pillow in a BedCare Basics Pillow Encasing can help keep the allergy sufferer from sneezing and sniffling in the mornings. For optimum benefit, encase the mattress and box spring, too.

(Kit Includes One Standard Size BedCare Basics Pillow Encasing)
Carpet Treatment

Anti-Allergen Solution from The Ecology Works on carpet, upholstery, and drapes to denature allergens so they are not harmful to the allergy sufferer.

(Kit Includes 3-oz. Sample Size)
Cover The Vent In The Bedroom To Filter AllergensFilter Your Home's Air

Install the
DustChek Vent Filter inside or outside the incoming air vent in your bedroom to capture dust & allergens coming through the duct work.

(Kit Includes One Pre-Cut Vent Filter)