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Purging 6 Common Allergy Culprits From Your Home

For most of the country, the cold weather has cranked up, and we are staying indoors more as a result. Winter brings a whole different set of asthma, allergy & sinus concerns. This month's newsletter, Purging 6 Common Allergy Culprits From Your Home, can help identify problem areas so you can make some changes for a healthier you.

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Tips on what to do around your house
if you have an allergic reaction to:

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Purging 6 Common Allergy Culprits
From Your Home

Dust Mites

Click this image  for a short, QuickTime video showing live dust mitesThese microscopic arachnids don't need much to thrive - just a few old sloughed off skin cells, a little moisture, and a fluffy place to borough is all they ask. Your bed is their ideal habitat. They are fond of carpet and upholstered furniture, too.
Click the image above for a short QuickTime video of live mites.

Following these suggestions can make a big difference in how a dust-mite-allergy sufferer feels:
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Photo Of Mold - Work To Get Rid Of ItMold is not one of those things that fools you into thinking it is okay because it is pretty. You can tell by looking at it that you don't want it. Getting rid of mold and keeping it away is the challenge.

Following these tips can help solve the problem:
  • catch leaks early and make repairs as soon as possible
  • keep countertops dry & clean
  • control humidity - monitor to keep it around 45%
  • clean away visible mold
  • use mold control products to delay the return of mold
  • choose mold resistant products when possible, especially in the bathroom
  • keep firewood outside
  • use a mold inhibitor in paint
  • choose paint over wallpaper because mold can grow undetected under wallpaper
  • allow boots & shoes to dry completely before storing
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You may already think dust is bad, but you may think it's horrible when you find out it is a complex mix of tiny particles that can include pet dander and fur, insect feces and insect body parts, fibers of fabrics, spider-webs, human dander and hair, mold spores, pollen, dirt, fiberglass particles, and dryer lint.

Try these tips to help get dust out of your life:
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Photo Of A Girl With A Cat - So Cute Unless You Are AllergicAren't they cute? No doubt about it. But those people with pet allergy have to choose between unconditional love and freedom from red eyes and runny noses.
Look at these suggestions, and do what you can: Click here to see helpful products below.

Smoke, Odors, & Fumes

Regardless of whether you are allergic, asthmatic or chemically sensitive, smoke and chemicals are not good for anyone. Avoiding them is a good rule of thumb.

These suggestions can help:
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Who doesn't cringe and want to wash their hands when they see a cockroach? Surely I'm not the only one. Their nasty reputation is well-deserved, though, because their feces and dried body parts are one of the 5 major asthma triggers as well as a top cause of allergy symptoms.

Help keep cockroaches in their place (which is anywhere except your house) with these tips:
  • clean out the pantry to get rid of old boxes and old foodstuff
  • put food away immediately after eating
  • keep surfaces clean and bacteria-free, especially in the kitchen
  • bring in a professional exterminator if needed
  • get rid of old paper bags and newspaper in the attic, garage, basement, and all over
  • change from cardboard storage boxes to plastic bins
  • use safe means of pest control
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Pet Products:
Bathe Your Pet Often To Remove Allergen - Click For Product Info
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Pest Elimination Products:
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