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Holiday Gift Ideas from National Allergy

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Welcome to our annual Holiday Savings Newsletter. Gift-giving season is upon us and we're again offering our subscribers BIG savings on our full line of Allergy, Asthma and Sinus products... 15% off every order! Read on to discover some of my favorite items, and some customer favorites that could make great gifts for friends and family!

We have lots to choose from this holiday season:

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Katie Weaver
& The National Allergy Newsletter Team

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Christmas Gift Ideas From National Allergy

Bedding For Allergy Sufferers

The bedroom is the most important place to start when allergy-proofing your home. Allergy-proof bedding covers should be the starting point with mite-proof encasings for pillows, mattresses or comforters. But there are other ways you can make your room healthier:
  • IsoPerfect Side Sleeper Isotonic PillowThe IsoPerfect Side-Sleeper Pillow gives you incredibly soft Isotonic support to promote proper alignment and better sleep. Only $49.99.
  • Vellux Pipeline Blankets will stand up to countless washings without losing their velvety soft feel. Available in 8 colors starting at $29.99.
  • Beyond Down Synthetic Down Comforter. With a 300 TC shell stuffed with smooth gel-fibers, this comforter is down-comfortable without irritating allergies. Starting at $129.99.
  • Pacific Coast Featherbeds are box-stitched with a 230-thread count 100% cotton weave. This lofty featherbed surrounds you in luxury for a reasonable price. Starting at $99.99.

Gifts For Pet Lovers

Many allergy sufferers are also pet lovers. If you or a friend just can't bear the thought of getting rid of a pet, here are some gift ideas for people who must avoid pet dander.
  • Allergic To Pets? is a paperback book that's a true breakthrough guide for folks with pet allergies. Living with a pet can be possible if you follow author Shirlee Kalstone's easy-to-read recommendations. Only $7.99.
  • Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo from The Ecology Works is a great way to care for your pet and your allergies. The active ingredients denature allergens while giving your pet's coat a healthy shine. $9.99 for 16-oz. Bottle.
  • Quick Bath Pet Wipes make it easier to wipe dander and dried saliva off your pet's coat so it doesn't get into the air you breathe. 5" x 10" wipes - $4.99 for 10.
  • Dyson's DC15 Animal HEPA vacuum offers superior suction, plus the patented Ball technology makes maneuvering easy. The Animal's extra tools are perfect for pet owners. $599.99 plus Free Ground Shipping!
  • The Sticky Critter Dusting Aid is a roller with a long lasting sticky surface that's perfect for picking up pet hair, lint, and dirt that collect on your furniture. Great for carpeted stairs, too. Only $9.99.
  • Whirlpool Whispure Air Cleaners are perfect for pet owners. HEPA filtration and efficient air circulation removes airborne animal dander so you can avoid allergens. Starting at $179.99.

Products For The Chemically Conscious

A large number of our customers are sensitive to the perfumes, dyes and other chemicals used in many household and personal care products. Consider giving your friends the gift of chemically-safe products.
    One Step Manicure by Surgeons Skin Secret
  • One Step Manicure by Surgeon's Skin Secret is an easy-to-use alternative to expensive, potentially harmful trips to the nail salon. Your friends will love this indulgence made from nature's finest ingredients. Only $14.99.
  • Vanicream Skincare Products are free of alcohols, perfume, dyes and other skin irritants, offering maximum relief for dry and sensitive skin. Starting at $5.99.
  • Free & Clear Hair Products are dermatologist-recommended for safe, effective, chemical-free care. Non-medicated and free of perfume, lanolin, dye, formaldehyde, & parabens. Starting at $6.99.
  • The Sprite Royale Hand-Held Shower Filter has a 5-way massage head that removes 99% of chlorine from water, leaving hair and skin softer. Available in white or chrome. Starting at $49.99.
  • EnviroRite Laundry Detergent is super-concentrated yet tough on stains. 100% biodegradable and free of perfumes, dyes and other allergy-inducing agents so it's gentle for you and your clothes. 64-oz. for only $12.99.
  • The IQAir GC MultiGas has a clean-room grade HEPA filter, plus gas and odor filters for the control of a wide range of gaseous contaminants and odors. A specialized gift for those with serious chemical sensitivities. $995.00 plus Free Ground Shipping!

Gadgets For Allergy Relief

Who doesn't love finding a unique gadget under the tree Christmas morning? These interesting items can make your environment healthier!
  • DirtTamer Supreme Hand VacuumDirt Tamer Supreme Hand Vacuum has 3-stage HEPA filtration and a variety of attachments so you can safely clean a variety of wet or dry household messes. Only $54.99.
  • Our Temperature & Humidity Gauge lets you keep an eye on home humidity levels in order to control mold and dust mites. It also includes a 10ƒ?T long remote sensor so you can monitor outdoor temperatures. Only $24.99 each.
  • The Hydro Pulse Nasal Irrigation System is the sinus therapy device of choice for nasal irrigation proponents. The ENT-developed Hydro Pulse is a safe, natural, drug-free solution that has been medically proven to soothe and relieve irritated sinuses. Plus, regular nasal washing can stave off winter colds and infections. Only $97.00.
  • The DuroBlast Power Sprayer has become one of our most popular products. This handy electric sprayer makes any cleaning or maintenance job go twice as fast with its quick-spray motorized trigger. Only $23.99.
  • PulseOx Oximeter users will love its ease of use, convenience and small size. This pulse oximeter is a cool gadget for anyone who needs to monitor blood oxygen and heart rate levels. Only $189.99.

Great Winter Gifts

Unfortunately, my allergies don't hibernate during the winter. In fact, I often feel more susceptible to colds and irritants during these colder, dryer months. Here are a few items I recommend for making the chilly days of winter more comfortable.Medibeads Moist Heat Wraps
  • MediBeads Moist Heat Wraps are a perfect remedy for stiff or aching joints and muscles. These comfortable heat therapy wraps are available for hands, neck, knees, back, sinuses and feet! Starting at $8.99.
  • The Cold Weather Mask from I Can Breathe keeps dry, cold air from irritating allergies and asthma. It is made of a washable fleece with silk lining and is available for adults and children. Starting at $22.99.
  • Proteque Skin Protection Lotion is my winter must-have. It is an all-in-one skin protection system for the entire body that moisturizes, protects against irritants and heals cracked hands and cuticles. This non-steroid formula lasts through multiple hand washings with just one application! 2.5-oz. Bottle for $12.99.
  • Slant/Fin Humidifiers can relieve the dryness that often irritates eczema and allergy sufferers. The humidifiers uses a patented, germicidal UV chamber to silently deliver a warm mist that is 99.9% free of bacteria, molds and spores. Starting at $99.99.

I hope you enjoy this special discount from National Allergy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Click Here For Your National Allergy 15% Savings Coupon!

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