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Fungal Sinusitis


The Answers...

The principles of treatment are as easy as 1-2-3. First, it is best to consult your doctor for treatment. Second, you must breathe clean air in order to get well and stay well long term. Third, clean your sinuses to rid them of mold and other harmful particles. Unless you clean both your Environment and your Sinuses, nothing will work long term. To do this, it is necessary for you to follow all the steps of the treatment.

Clean Your Environment With Home Air Cleaners:

First, test your home environment with a Mold Test Kit. Take samples in the three rooms where you spend the most time. Often those rooms will be your bedroom, the den or family room, and the kitchen. Any room that shows more than 4 mold colonies needs your immediate attention. If you find the presence of mold in a room where you spend an hour or more each day, you must take action. Here are the recommended products that will greatly help reduce airborne mold:

To begin with, you should choose to employ one of the two products below:

Wein 2500 Room Ionizer
CitriSafe Air Treatment Solution

Both the Wein 2500 Room Ionizer or the CitriSafe Air Treatment Solution will greatly reduce airborne mold but you should not to use them together in the same room as they actually work against each other, which will cause the mold count to rise rather than fall.

Other Important Products for the Reduction of Airborne Mold Include:

  • A quart of goodmorning Purifying Spray that should be applied to the vent filter daily. This will reduce any mold that gets caught in the vent cover.
  • Dust Masks that can be used outdoors or in rooms in your home where mold counts remain high like the basement or garage.

  • If it's not convenient for you to purchase the above products, you can still reduce much of the mold that you breathe by wearing a Wein 150 MM Personal Ionizer. This will allow you to begin to experience some relief until you can get all of the items above.

When traveling, many of these same products can go with you to limit your exposure to mold and can be used in a hotel or guest room. Here is what we'd recommend you take along:

  • A quart of goodmorning Purifying Spray that should be applied to the vent filter daily. This will reduce any mold that gets caught in the vent cover.

Clean Your Sinuses:

  • Irrigate with normal saline (0.9% salt water) at least 2 times per day. This rinses the mold and other particles out of the nose and sinuses. Use the SinuPulse Elite Sinus Irrigation System. Do this long term.

Take the medications or allergy shots as prescribed by your doctor. If antibiotic and antifungal nasal sprays are prescribed, use them as directed. If you're using both types of sprays at the same time, be sure to use them one right after the other.

If you have a sinus blockage that does not clear with medication, follow your doctor's advice to have good sinus drainage established via an endoscopic sinus technique. It will make a difference.