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Fungal Sinusitis

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National Allergy Supply, Inc. is proud to be an important national distributor of environmental products used to help relieve chronic fungal sinusitis. The orignal treatment protocol was developed by Dr. Donald P. Dennis, M.D. and you can read his published study on the subject by clicking here. We acknowledge that the following information is the original work of Dr. Dennis.

One out of every seven Americans (or an estimated 37 million people) suffer from chronic sinusitis, an inflammation of the membranes of the nose and sinus cavity. Its incidence has been increasing steadily over the last decade. Common symptoms are runny nose, nasal congestion, loss of smell and headaches. Frequently the chronic inflammation leads to polyps, small growths in the nasal passages, which hinder breathing.

Thousands have seen multiple physicians and spent lots and lots of money trying to find relief. In 1996 alone, there were 26.7 million visits to doctors, hospitals, and emergency rooms and a total of $5.78 billion was attributed to sinusitis expenditures! Multiple treatment plans have been tried along with many varieties of prescription and nonprescription drugs (46.9 million total medications were ordered in 1996 for sinusitis). Even worse, many people have had multiple sinus-related operations (sometimes as many as 5) to correct the condition. But, they are still sick! Why? Because the actual culprit may not have been correctly identified, and certainly it has not been corrected.

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