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Contest Winner Welcome to the April edition of the National Allergy E-Mail Newsletter! This month we'll look at ways you can find relief from the springtime allergy season. I'm still experiencing some post-nasal drip, and now my husband has been plagued with a headache from our weekend of enjoying the sunny spring weather. If you're like me and looking for relief, I hope this month's letter is helpful. I have included links to updated versions of a few of our previous newsletters about avoiding pollen and finding relief from seasonal allergies. The information is a really good refresher on staying allergy-free during the spring. This month I also included some product recommendations to help you cope, and there's a sneak peak at some of National Allergy's newest product offerings. Read on to find out more about:

Katie Weaver & The National Allergy Newsletter Team

P.S. Although this newsletter may look a little different than months past, it still has plenty of helpful tips, links and your subscriber-only product offers. And we're still giving away an Austin Air HM-400 Air Purifier, valued at $399.99, to one lucky subscriber every month!

Best Tips for Avoiding Spring Allergies

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What Is Making Me Sick This Spring?
If you are like me, and your allergic symptoms seem to be exaggerated in the spring and fall, you probably have seasonal allergic rhinitis. The most common allergens that make people extra-sick around this time of year are pollen and mold. If an open car window or a walk through a grassy field starts you sniffling, you could be pollen-sensitive.
Check out our Learning Library Feature on Pollen and Minimizing Symptoms.

Spring cleaning is a popular pastime in April and May, but if you find that scrubbing musty cracks and crevices makes your eyes water, it could be more than dust-bunnies effecting you. Mold spore is another allergen that rears its ugly head in the spring when the rains come, and humidity increases.
Check out our Learning Library Feature on Preventing Common Sprintime Allergies.

A Sigh Of Relief - Products For Feeling Better
Many National Allergy products can be helpful for finding relief during pollen season. While several items are mentioned in our learning library articles listed above, I've also included a quick reference list of a few things that may not have been mentioned before that I recommend and use for protection from spring allergies. Click the product links for more information. Remember that you don't need to avoid all allergens to get symptom relief, just reduce your exposure as much as you can.

  • HEPA Room Air Purifiers. I have a HEPA air purifier in my office and one in my bedroom at home. These machines circulate air through the HEPA filters that trap things like pollen and mold spores so you don't breathe them in!

  • Nasaline Irrigator. I know several of our referring doctors highly recommend this nasal irrigation product. If your nose and sinuses are dirty with pollen, clean them out! Irrigation also promotes healthy mucus production and movement.

  • 3M Dust and Pollen Mask. Keep some in your supply closet for work projects, especially in spring and fall! Many people use them when mowing or gardening, too.

  • Allersearch Allergen Wash. Allersearch Allergen Wash Super surfactants are used to remove pollen and other allergens from your clothes and bedding. Washing clothes immediately after working outdoors helps to keep pollen from spreading indoors.

  • Quick Bath Pet Wipes. Because of pollen's sticky nature, even taking your pet for a brief afternoon walk can mean a healthy collection of pollen on their fur. Quick Bath wipes not only remove dander, but also other allergenic particles like pollen, and your pet will love the attention!

New Helpful Information
  • Learning Library. Follow this link to a list of articles on most any environmental allergy topic.

  • Product Comparison Charts are quick-reference guides to help you sort out the facts on different products including:
    New Products
  • IQAir HEPA Air Purifiers are considered among the world's best. We tested them in house and found them to be easy-to-use, extremely well built, and most importantly, great at filtering airborne allergens, gasses and chemicals from the air you breathe. Plus, we provide FREE SHIPPING when you purchase an IQAir purifier! We're excited about this new addition.

  • Simply Saline
  • The Vapor-Eze Clean Air 5000 is a handy filter that does a thorough job of filtering even the tiniest particles in your vehicle, RV, hotel room, or office. Plugs into the DC adapter for cleaner, allergen-free driving.

  • Simply Saline Nasal Mist offers a soothing saline spray you can take anywhere. The dosage can be metered or continuous flow to cleanse your nose of allergens.

  • RD-30 Roof & Deck Formula is a workhorse cleaning agent, great for outdoor spring cleaning projects. The biodegradable, non-chlorine solution cleans and restores roofs, patios and decks without harmful, toxic chemicals.

  • YES! I'd like more new product announcements and special offers like the ones in this letter!

    This information is for educational purposes only. Always consult with your doctor first about your specific condition, treatment options and other health concerns you may have.

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