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What Are Mite Proof Encasings?

Mite-Proof Cover Education

The question is often asked, "Can I protect myself and my family from developing asthma and allergies?" The answer is Yes! Medical studies now show that families can help prevent allergies and asthma from developing in their children by removing mite allergen from the home environment during the child's first year of life. The microscopic dust mites, proven causes of allergic symptoms such as sneezing, sniffling, and swollen, itchy nose and eyes, are alive and well in most every bedroom, regardless of how fastidiously you clean. Allergy specialists and medical studies state that using zippered mattress covers on your mattress, pillows & box spring will stop dust mite allergen in your bedding from becoming airborne and breathed in while you sleep. Unlike the uncomfortable plastic covers of the past that were hot and crinkly, ours are cool and extremely comfortable - a real pleasure to sleep on. Like an invisible shield, they completely trap mites and their allergen inside the cover to give you the perfect barrier of protection while extending the life of pillows and mattresses. Today's covers are made of soft, comfortable, breathable fabrics that protect you and pamper you, too!

Protection from Dust Mite Allergen!

Why Allergy Mattress Covers From National Allergy Make A Difference:

  • Doctors know covers are the best, most complete way to avoid dust mite allergen. Being one of the largest and most trusted sources, we have sold over 3,000,000 of them!
  • Close the zipper and you get a barrier of protection by completely trapping dust mites and their allergen inside because all of our covers have a mean pore size in the recommended range of 2 to 10 microns.
  • Additionally, BedCare covers can be used for bed bug protection*. Independent test data proved bed bugs and their eggs could not get through our fabrics or zippers.
  • No more sweaty nights sleeping on plastic covers. All of our membrane-free, mite-proof covers breathe wonderfully yet stop mite allergen cold.
  • Our cool, comfortable dust mite mattress covers are a pleasure to sleep on.
  • You get allergy relief while extending the life of pillows, mattresses and box springs.
  • We own the manufacturing plant here in Georgia where our dust mite mattress cover and covers are made so there is no middleman wanting a markup. And unlike some, we complete a detailed inspection of every single cover we sell.
  • Our guarantee: If you're not thrilled, we'll give you a full product refund, period.

Mattress CoversPillow covers

Pillow Covers:

Under Your Pillowcases - Forget crinkly, uncomfortable covers. Our membrane-free pillow covers disappear onto your pillow but protect you night after night.

Allergy Mattress Covers:

Under Your Fitted Sheet - No more sweaty nights sleeping on plastic covers. Our covers all breathe wonderfully yet stop mite allergen cold. So you get total protection and total comfort.

Box Spring Covers:

Under Your Mattress - To thoroughly seal off bedding from dust mites and their allergens, medical studies have concluded that box springs should always be encased.

All Fabrics Are Made In The USA
  • All covers are Made in the USA by true craftsmen who pay close attention to quality.
  • All fabrics are lab-tested & certified.
  • All covers have the BugShield System* to protect you and your mattress from bed bugs. All mattress covers have the BugShield System* to protect you and your mattress from bed bugs. Independent test data proved bed bugs and their eggs could not get through our fabrics or zippers.
  • All fabrics can be machine washed and dried.

Select the encasings that suit you best:
BedCare Economy Zippered Box Spring Encasings
BedCare Economy Box Spring Encasings offer complete dust mite and bed bug protection in a lightweight zippered encasing - and at a very affordable price. The non-woven, tri-laminate fabric is durable and breathable for lasting comfort. These encasings are designed for low maintenance - put them on and there's no need to give them another thought. They will provide years of trouble-free protection and allergy relief. So low-priced, they are a great odor-free, noise-free alternative to vinyl for your box springs. Excellent to take when traveling and for college students. Fabric pattern may vary slightly.
Covered by our Lifetime Warranty.
Pillow Encasings

Mattress Encasings

9" Deep Box Spring Encasings

5" Deep Low Profile Box Spring Encasings

BedCare Classic Allergen Covers
BedCare Classic has the look and luxurious feel of satin and has been recommended by doctors for many years. This is the perfect choice for those who prefer an encasing that is waterproof as well as totally mite-proof. BedCare Classic is made of soft, stretchable polyester knit fabric bonded to a micro-thin, flexible polyurethane barrier on the inside. Because of this barrier membrane, this material can not be measured in terms of mean pore size. It's so soft and stretchable, there is no crinkling noise while you sleep, and the cool knit fabric keeps you comfortable while it protects you from dust mite allergen all night.
Covered by our Lifetime Warranty.
Pillow Encasings

Mattress Encasings
BedCare Elegance Zippered Mattress Covers
BedCare Elegance encasings are for those who want the very finest, most luxuriously soft and cool encasings available anywhere. Because allergen protection is the number one reason to purchase pillow and mattress encasings, Elegance covers are made from a high performance, 100% polyester microfiber fabric that blocks all dust mite allergen and most other particles as small as cat dander. They offer all of this protection while remaining breathable and cool beneath your sheets, so you always sleep comfortably. And we take extra care in the design and construction of Elegance encasings with features such as covered zippers, bound seams and side panels to give them a perfect fit even after repeated washings. We believe you won't find a finer, more comfortable encasing anywhere at any price. Mean pore size of 2.9 microns.
Covered by our Lifetime Warranty.
Pillow Encasings

Mattress Encasings

BedCare All-Cotton Allergy Mattress Covers
The BedCare All-Cotton anti dust mite mattress cover is made from a 100% cotton barrier fabric that is so tightly woven allergens can't pass through. The mean pore size is 4.8 microns, making it a great bed bug encasement, too. When you zip your mattress into this cover, you know that you have total protection and cool comfort all night long. If you like cotton, you are going to love this dust mite protector encasing.
Covered by our Lifetime Warranty.
Pillow Encasings

Mattress Encasings
BedCare Organic All-Cotton Allergy Mattress Covers
BedCare Organic All-Cotton mattress and pillow encasings are made of unbleached 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Organic Cotton so you know you have the best quality available. Only air can permeate this tightly woven fabric with a pore size of 4.8 so you and your family experience total protection from dust mite allergen and bed bugs while you sleep. The quality of these zippered covers is guaranteed because of the care American craftsmen put into each and every one. Even the most discriminating cotton-lovers will be delighted with Organic All-Cotton Encasings.
Covered by our Lifetime Warranty.
Pillow Encasings

Mattress Encasings

*All of our mattress, box spring, and pillow covers have been tested to confirm that they offer protection from bed bugs that may be living on your mattress or pillow. Remember, however, that mattress and pillow covers will not protect you from other bed bugs hiding in your bedroom. For complete elimination, you will need to contact a pest extermination specialist who understands how to rid your home of bed bugs.

This information is for educational purposes only. Always consult with your doctor first about your specific condition, treatment options and other health concerns you may have.

Article Quick Read
  • Medical studies show that allergies and asthma can be prevented by removing allergen from the home.
  • Encasings are the best, most complete way to avoid dust mite allergen.