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Strategies For A Healthy New Year

Contest Winner Welcome to the December edition of the National Allergy Educational E-Mail Newsletter. 'Tis the season of giving, receiving, and enjoying friends and family. It's also time to think about the coming year and to set some goals you'd like to accomplish in specific areas of your life. I know I usually have at least one health-related New Year's resolution, so I hope these Strategies For A Healthy New Year can help you start 2006 on the right foot. Here are product recommendations as well as helpful tips and links about:

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Strategies For A Healthy New Year

Making Your Bedroom An Allergy-Safe Zone

National Allergy CouponThis strategy is the most important one for dust mite allergic individuals. For all the details on how to implement an Allergy Free Zone in your home in 2006, look through our October 2005 Newsletter, or visit our Interactive Bedroom. Some of the most recommended products for use in creating an allergy-free room include:

Limiting Your Exposure To Pollen And Animal Dander

Whether at a friend's house who has a pet, or at an outdoor activity in the woods during pollen season, we can't always control the allergens around us. However, being pro-active about avoidance can reduce your exposure. Educating yourself now will make you better prepared for spring's allergy onslaught. To find out more, visit our Learning Library feature on Pollen Allergies and Minimizing Symptoms.

I don't own a pet right now, but my husband and I will be getting a dog soon. Many people are told by their doctors not to own any pets at all - and this often is the best course of action for severely allergic and asthmatic individuals. However, if the "no pets" directive is a tough one for you to follow, there are ways you can limit your exposure to your furry friends' allergenic dander. If you are dander-sensitive, you can find some good tips from our Learning Library feature on Pet Allergies. Some of the most recommended products for avoiding pollens and animal dander include:

Reducing The Use Of Household Chemicals

Since I have begun researching and writing National Allergy newsletter articles, I have become more conscientious about the chemicals I use in everyday living. Maybe it's time to root out some of your potentially harmful cleaning supplies or personal care items for the new year.

Our recent newsletters on the Ways and Benefits of Avoiding Harsh Chemicals at Home (July & August) contain helpful information about safe alternatives to common household chemicals, as well tips for more natural bath and beauty products. Some of our most popular products for the chemically sensitive include:

Fending Off Colds And Sinus Infections

Winter's chill also signals cough and cold season. You really can resolve to feel better without using too many medications. Here are a few recommended steps toward that goal:
  • Nasal irrigation is a safe, effective way for children and adults to wash many irritants from the nose and sinuses before they turn into colds and infections. For all the details on how to use this method to your advantage, visit our Learning Library feature on Nasal Irrigation. For child-specific instructions, you might want to read Dr. Hana Solomon's guest column and accompanying articles in our February 2005 Newsletter.
  • Avoiding mold is another key component to avoiding colds and sinus infections. Published medical literature states that fungus (mold) in the nose is a major reason for the prevalence of sinus infections. Mold avoidance and cleanup is a serious subject, and one that we concentrate on in our Learning Library feature, Mold and Indoor Air Quality. For more specific information on how mold affects sinus health, read our article on Chronic Sinusitis.
  • Strengthen your immune system. Simple habits like eating right and exercising can give your system a real boost to fight off colds and infections. Our bodies are incredibly complex with many inter-related functions, which is why we offer a few wellness supplements to aid in whole body health. There is more information on keeping your body healthy in our June 2004 Newsletter entitled Forming Healthy Habits For Allergy Relief And Wellness.
Some of the most recommended products for fending off colds and sinus infections include:

Getting Adequate Rest

We are a nation of chronically tired individuals. We work hard, play hard, and don't leave ourselves very much time for resting. And even many who do have the time just can't seem to fall asleep. The holidays may leave you drained and your body wants nothing more than solid sleep. Lots of factors can play into why Americans are so restless, including stress, poor health habits, and certainly allergies.

Dr. Don Zedalis, MD, a physician certified in both sleep-medicine and allergy, wrote a newsletter article for us last fall about this very subject. If allergies or snoring are keeping you up at night, review Sleep & Fatigue: Your Allergies May Be A Factor. Here are some recommended products for finding better sleep, naturally: I hope you experience the benefits of good health and allergy-free living in this coming year. The resources in this letter are easy to refer back to for tips all year 'round. Whether your New Year's resolution is to eat less fast food, spend more time with family or to implement a more healthful lifestyle, I wish you success and patient perseverance. May you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. Happy New Year!

This information is for educational purposes only. Always consult with your doctor first about your specific condition, treatment options and other health concerns you may have.

If you have additional questions about the content in this newsletter, email us at or call one of our phone experts at 1-800-522-1448.


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