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Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattresses

Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattresses


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Royal-Pedic hand-crafted All Cotton mattresses feature a 100% Belgian cotton ticking, and up to 50 lbs of U.S.-grown, premium-grade staple cotton padding surrounding a Swiss-engineered innerspring system. Hand tufted in European style for lasting quality and firmer back support.  8½"‒9" deep.

** To protect both you and your new mattress, you will receive our BedCare™ high quality mattress cover for FREE when you call in to place your Royal-Pedic order!

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Designed for people who wish to avoid man-made fibers and the chemical finishes found in most mattresses, Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattresses go above and beyond. Chief among its attributes, cotton is not only a healthy and eco-friendly choice, but also helps to ventilate body heat and maintain consistent support. The All Cotton Mattress features a 100% Belgian cotton ticking that covers the finest U.S. staple cotton padding, layered to surround Royal-Pedic's Swiss-designed Royal-Flex® 704i innerspring system.

The innerspring features 85% more coils than found in standard mattresses, and uses T-Spring side supports around the perimeter for edge-to-edge comfort. Strong, yet simultaneously flexible, the coils won't sag over time, but will contour to your body's shape for a restful and restorative sleep. Royal-Pedic mattresses are hand tufted in European tradition to prolong comfort and enhance orthopedic back support. The All Cotton line is Royal-Pedic's firmest, so if you like a firm mattress but prefer a more plush surface, we recommend adding the optional Royal-Pedic 2", 3", or 4" organic cotton pillowtop pad (sold separately).  10-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

The All Cotton Mattress may also be purchased as a set with Royal-Pedic's matching Double Diamond Box Spring.  Bed frames that perfectly fit the set are also available.  We also offer a service to remove your old mattress for a nominal fee.  Bed sets, bed frames, and mattress removal service all sold separately.

Royal-Pedic All-Cotton Mattresses are perfect for the shopper who...

  • Prefers a natural but firm night's sleep. This durable, premium all-cotton mattress is one of the most popular items in the entire Royal-Pedic line.
  • Appreciates the natural feel of cotton, and wants all-cotton around the innerspring and in the padding.
  • Has sensitivities to chemicals (MCS), like synthetic latex, polyurethane, and petrochemicals from chemically treated fibers.
  • Prefers dealing in confidence with a company with over 60 years of experience and dedication in making only the best mattresses money can buy.

Royal-Pedic products are subject to Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP), and because each is custom made, are also subject to a No Return Policy. For details, see the Important Information tab.


Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattresses have an 8½"‒9" depth, and are available in 6 sizes and a Crib.

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Why a Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattress?

Looking from the outside in, let's start with the Mattress cover. Royal-Pedic's inner cotton padding is completely encased in a gorgeous, 100% Belgian cotton ticking – a luxurious, non-slippery fabric that ventilates body heat and prevents any toppers from shifting. In contrast, most mattress manufacturers use slippery, polyester fabrics that don't breathe as well or keep toppers in place.

Next, let's go inside. Royal-Pedic Craftsman Layering Natural Organic CottonPremium-quality staple cotton padding is hand layered on each side of the innerspring to provide a consistent and supportive sleep surface. Royal-Pedic uses only the finest cotton batting from California and Texas. No polyurethane foam is used, not only because of its limited ability to provide consistent body support over time as it breaks down, but also because it can off-gas harmful petrochemical vapors. These chemicals are often those that health-conscious people and those with allergies or chemical sensitivities (MCS) look to avoid.

Now, let's look at the innerspring system. This mattress utilizes the Royal-Flex® 704i Innerspring – engineered in Switzerland, and containing approximately 85% more coils than industry standard. The innersprings are double heat tempered to provide better durability and greater resistance to sagging. The coil springs are open ended, unknotted, six-turn coils that provide added flexibility, which translates into greater sensitivity to your body's contours for better support and relaxation.

After that, think about what holds the innerspring together. Royal-Pedic uses T-spring side supports around the perimeter of the innerspring system to provide better edge firmness and support. T-Spring side supports are a stronger, safer alternative to the common foam cylinders or wedges made from petrochemicals that are so often used by many mattress makers.

Finally, think about craftsmanship. The All Cotton mattress is hand tufted the traditional way with European tufting straps Royal-Pedic Craftsman Hand Tufting the Traditional Waythat further pre-compress the cotton padding for greater orthopedic back support. Royal-Pedic does not use buttons to tuft its mattresses because buttons tend to eventually turn on their sides, resulting in an uncomfortable sleep surface.

If you are considering purchasing a bed set, the right box spring is just as important to your sleeping comfort (and investment) as the mattress. With this in mind, Royal-Pedic's Double Diamond Box Spring is the finest available, and will provide you with many years of comfort and satisfaction. On the inside, everything about this box spring says quality, strength and durability, from the number, type and gauge of the coils used, to the placement of extra coils around the torso area of the bed, and finally to the hotel-grade foundation that the coils rest on. This exceptional box spring is covered in the same 100% Belgian cotton fabric as the mattress, and is padded at the top with a generous layer of staple cotton padding to lend added support to the bottom of the mattress. Heavy-duty cotton fabric is used on the underside of the box spring in place of the customary thin, non-woven synthetic that often droops and pills. To finish, brass corner guards are installed on lower corners instead of the plastic ones that so easily break off.

Royal-Pedic Free Shipping

We offer free delivery and installation on any Royal-Pedic mattress or mattress and box spring set purchase to many areas in the contiguous U.S. If you need expedited delivery, you would be charged only for the additional cost. Our Sales Team would be pleased to provide you with a quote. Additional shipping charges will have to be quoted for locations considered by the freight company to be a remote area based on your zip code. We will contact you if necessary or you can give us a call if you think this might apply to you.

Royal-Pedic products ship directly from the manufacturer, typically in 5-7 business days. Once your Royal-Pedic mattress or bed set has shipped out, a delivery coordinator will call you to arrange a delivery time. We also offer optional removal and disposal of your old mattress and box spring for a fee of $100.00. A "stair carry" charge will apply if the mattress does not fit into the building elevator.

Signature Is Required For DeliverySorry, Royal-Pedic products cannot be shipped to PO Boxes or military addresses.

**Please note: Royal-Pedic goods and services shipped to California addresses are subject to applicable California state sales tax. A member of our sales team will contact you with the exact tax amount and the adjusted order total within one business day of placing your Royal-Pedic order.

Royal-Pedic No Return Policy

Each Royal-Pedic mattress, box spring, and pillow-top pad is handcrafted and custom made expressly for the customer placing an order. This assures our customers of always receiving fresh new materials and components. There are no cancellations once the order is placed into production, and no returns or exchanges. This supersedes our 60-Day return policy. Accessory items, such bed frames, are not returnable if the packaging is opened.

Royal-Pedic Limited Warranty

Royal-Pedic Mattress Manufacturing, LLC warrants its mattresses and box springs to the original consumer purchaser for a non-prorated period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase against material defects and workmanship. Pillow-top pads are warranted for a non-prorated period of three (3) years.

Royal-Pedic Warranty Exclusions

When a Royal-Pedic Mattress(s) is purchased without the appropriate new Royal-Pedic matching Box Spring(s) and the Royal-Pedic Mattress is used on another brand of box spring that the customer may already have or will be obtaining, then the warranty for the Royal-Pedic Mattress will be voided.

Exceptions to the above would be:

  • Should a customer already own a Royal-Pedic Box Spring that is seven (7) years old or newer, then the ten (10) year warranty on the Royal-Pedic Mattress would still be valid.
  • If the Royal-Pedic Mattress is placed on a supportive platform bed then the ten (10) year warranty on the Royal-Pedic Mattress would still be valid.

Please call our Customer Service Representatives for further information or questions.

Care Instructions:

  • For optimum use and longevity, turn mattress head to foot one month, and flip it over the next month.
  • Use handles minimally ‒ only when positioning the mattress on box spring.
  • Do not carry the mattress by the handles.
  • Use a mattress pad to protect the mattress and optional pillowtop pad.

King Size Mattresses:

Even though Royal-Pedic utilizes the most resilient materials available, King size mattresses and/or pillowtop pads with quilted surfaces may break in unevenly as two people sleep on either side of the middle 4‒6 inches of the mattress. The result may appear as a small hump in the middle. Royal-Pedic recommends laying in the middle of the mattress some of the time, especially while the materials are new. Materials will then break in more evenly resulting in a more consistent sleeping surface.

Signature Is Required For Delivery

Sorry, Royal-Pedic products cannot be shipped to PO boxes or military addresses.
Usually Ships in 5-7 Business Days Direct from the Manufacturer.

**Please note: Royal Pedic goods and services shipped to California addresses are subject to applicable California state sales tax.


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