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Air Filters for Mabis Nebulizers (10 per set)

Air Filters for Mabis Nebulizers (10 per set)

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Genuine Mabis® Replacement Air Filters (#40-111-000) fit a variety of Mabis compressors, including the CompMist®, MiniComp™, Margo Moo™, and Digger Dog™ models (full list below). Assures optimum performance of your compressor. Each filter lasts for up to 30 days.

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Works with Models:  Mabis CompMist®, CosmoComp™, Digger Dog™, eNeb™, ExecuNeb™, Margo Moo™, MiniComp™, and MiniComp™ Deluxe

This product provides relief from: Asthma

Genuine Mabis® Replacement Air Filters ‐ Part #40-111-000 (10-Pack), are used to replace the air filter that comes in selected Mabis Compressor Nebulizers (models listed below). The air filter keeps dust and dirt out of the compressor to keep the unit performing at its best. Cylinder-type filter is easy to change. Change air filter every 30 days, or when the filter changes color (turns gray) or gets wet or clogged. Latex free.  Package contains ten (10) Mabis® Air Filters.


  • Air filter keeps your Mabis compressor functioning well and performing reliably
  • Filter traps dust and particles that might otherwise get inside the compressor
  • Replace filter every 30 days
  • Easy filter changes
  • Latex free
  • Fits many Mabis compressor nebulizers, including:
    • CompMist® Compressor Nebulizer
    • CosmoComp™ Compressor Nebulizer
    • Digger Dog™ Compressor Nebulizer
    • eNeb™ Compressor Nebulizer
    • ExecuNeb™ Portable Compressor Nebulizer
    • Margo Moo™ Compressor Nebulizer
    • MiniComp™ Compressor Nebulizer
    • MiniComp™ Deluxe Compressor Nebulizer

Directions for Use:

Please see the Owner's Manual tab for full instructions on replacing the air filter, depending on your Mabis® Compressor Nebulizer model.


  • The Mabis® Air Filter is designed to keep dust and other particles out of the compressor unit. If the air filter has changed color or has been used on average for more than 30 days, replace it with a new one.

  • Never wash or reuse the air filter.

  • Replace the air filter immediately if it becomes damaged or clogged, or if water or medication has spilled on it.

  • Never operate the device without an air filter. Use only the Mabis air filter designed and specified for the device.

The Mabis® Air Filter (#40-111-000) can be used in a variety of Mabis nebulizers and compressor nebulizers. Please click on a link below for the Owner's Manual for each of these devices.

We apologize. While the Mabis® Air Filter (#40-111-000) can also be used in the Mabis eNeb™ (#40-175-000) and ExecuNeb™ (#40-175-000) Compressor Nebulizers, we do not have Owners' Manuals for these models.


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January 25
Best filters, best price! Excellent quality. Would purchase from again!
July 19
Very good product. Excellent price for the amount of air filters that you receive.

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